2018.05.29 [Updates]
TIFF to Welcome Students from Hong Kong on Visit Co-organized by Asian Film Awards Academy

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy), will organize a student visit, titled Journey to the Fest, to TIFF and its associated market TIFFCOM between October 25 and November 3, 2018. The visit is made possible with the support of Create Hong Kong and the Film Development Fund of the Hong Kong SAR Government, in association with TIFF, one of the AFA Academy’s founding members.
This project strengthens one facet of TIFF’s vision, To Be Enlightening, which aims to foster a future for film and cultivate young talent. It gives Hong Kong film, media and humanities students the opportunity to develop their skills and enrich their outlook and experience through the visit to an international film festival for networking opportunities with their peers and professionals from around the world. Through communication with them, we expect that Japanese students joining TIFF can also deepen their experience and knowledge. Students on the visit will participate in various festival events and talks, attend networking events and watch films. The student group will be led by AFA Academy staff and comprise 12 to 16 students chosen by application and nomination*.
Takeo Hisamatsu, Festival Director of TIFF, says, “We are delighted to invite students from Hong Kong this year as a member of AFA Academy. As To Be Enlightening is one of our important missions, we hope that the participants will interact with many other students visiting TIFF, have unique experiences at TIFF, and inspire each other.”
Roger Garcia, Executive Director of the AFA Academy, comments, “We hope to expose the students to different horizons of film programmers, and to give them the opportunity to meet both their peers and filmmakers from around the world. TIFF always has a great range of visitors and films. The exposure to this spectrum of works and professionals would certainly help the students in their understanding of the industry.”
*Please note that eligibility for the student visit includes Hong Kong Permanent Residency, age 18 years and older.
Please see the website below for more details.
Asian Film Awards Academy (AFA Academy) | www.afa-academy.com
Founded in 2013 by the three major international film festivals in Asia, that is Busan, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the Asian Film Awards Academy’s objective is to promote and develop Asian cinema, its talents and audiences. The Academy highlights, strengthens and develops the Asian film industry and culture through the Asian Film Awards, and year-round initiatives such as professional exchanges, mentorship and development programs for young filmmakers, and strategies for regional and international audience development. The Academy’s past partners include the Edinburgh (UK), Taipei Golden Horse (Taiwan), Pacific Meridian (Russia), Quezon City (Philippines), Cambodia, Kyoto HISTORICA (Japan), Hawaii (US) and Chennai (India) International Film Festivals, Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), BAFTA (UK), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (Germany) and Nipkow Programm (Germany).
Create Hong Kong | www.createhk.gov.hk
Film Development Fund | www.fdc.gov.hk

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