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Things to know before attending the film festival.
Q Do you need to be qualified to attend the Tokyo International Film Festival?
ATokyo International Film Festival is open to all film fans.
All tickets are available to the general public.
Visit our Roppongi Hills venue to attend our film festival and enjoy various events as well.
Q How can you watch the Opening Red Carpet event?
AParticipants supporting the crowd fund can attend the Red Carpet event.
Live streaming of Red Carpet event will be delivered on internet.
Q When will announcements for program information and screening schedule be made?
AProgram Line up will be announced on 9/25 (Tue).
Screening Schedules will be announced in early October.
Q How can we find out the film festival guests information?
AThe arrival guests’ information will be announced from early October in our official film festival website.
Q Is the photography allowed in the theater?
AThe photography in theater may be prohibited depending on the film.
Q Is giving gifts to the guests allowed?
ADue to the limited space, please refrain from giving gifts in the venue.
Q Are the films screened with subtitles?
AAs a principle all screenings are shown with either English subtitles, Japanese subtitles or both. The notice will be given in our official website if else wise.
Q How can we receive access to wheelchair seating in the theater?
A Purchase general seating tickets. Early arrival at the theater is recommended.

Inquire the staff in charge of your theater whether the wheelchair accessible area is available.
The theater staff will be able to keep the wheelchair in the cloakroom in case the wheelchair seating area is occupied.
The theater staff will guide you to the seat if the aisle seat reserved for official guests are available.
The staff will guide the guest in the wheelchair to a safe area at the aisle to watch the film if both areas are unavailable at the time.

The theater cannot reserve the wheelchair space due to the limited numbers of areas provided for the wheelchair guests.
Please kindly note that Tokyo International Film Festival does not sell wheelchair accessible seats.

About the film festival
Q When and where will the GUIDE leaflet be distributed?
AThe GUIDE leaflet will be distributed at Roppongi Hills and at theaters in Kanto regions.
The GUIDE leaflet is also available for download from Tokyo International Film Festival Official Website.
About the tickets
Q How are the tickets sold?
AGeneral sales(sale for each section)begins 10/13(Sat).
Exclusive lottery ticket sales for e-mail newsletter subscribers and Pre-order lottery ticket sales for General audiences will be held.
The ticket purchase can be made at the TIFF Ticket Center located in the venue during the film festival.
Click here for more information
Q Will there be additional sales or tickets for day-of-show sold when the tickets are sold out?
AGeneral tickets are sometimes resold when the previous payments aren’t settled.
Official Guest Seats may become available and are sometimes resold too.
No reminders are made for the resell of this tickets.
No day-of-show tickets are sold for tickets which advance tickets have been sold out.
Q Can you purchase tickets at the film festival venues?
AThe ticket purchase can also be made at the TIFF Ticket Center located in the venue during the film festival.

Roppongi Hills 2F O-YANE PLAZA
10/25(Thu)~11/3 (Sat/Public Holiday) Service Hours Ticket Sale will be made from 9:30 amuntil 20 min. after the start of the venue's last screening of the day.
Purchase of tickets on sale for all dates and time can be made at EX Theater, (Including screenings and events held at Tokyo International Forum).

Tokyo International Forum
11/3 (Sat/Public Holiday) only Service Hours 12:00~ The ticket purchase for films can be made at the screening venue, Tokyo International Film Festival Hall C from 12:00.
Q Are there age requirements for admission?
APre-school children are not admitted.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Ordinance for Healthy Youth Development prohibits individuals under age of 18 from being at theaters from 23:00 to 4:00. This also applies when these individuals are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Q About Ticket purchase limits
ATwo tickets purchase per one application can be made for Opening Film, Closing Film, GALA screening, Special Screenings films and Tokyo Grand Prix awarded film.
Q What can be done when the QR Code wasn’t sent?
APlease contact the Tokyo International Film Festival Ticket Information Center.
TEL: 050-3538-3883 (call center operator)
Service hours: 10/10 (Wed)~11/3(Sat / Public Holiday)12:00~18:00
10/20 (Sat) and 10/21 (Sun) will be closed for business.
Q What can be done when QR Code was lost?
APlease inquire the staff at the Ticket Support Desk located at the theater entrance area.
For proof of purchase we may ask for your identification card.
Q What can be done when smart phone / tablet devices have malfunctioned, or batteries have run out and cannot display the QR Code
APlease inquire the staff at the Ticket Support Desk located at the theater entrance area. For proof of purchase we may ask for your identification card.
Q About Convenient Store Payment
AThe tickets are purchasable until 5 days before the screening date.
The Ticket price must be paid at your nearest Family Mart within 3 days including the purchase day
Ticketing service fee of 150 Yen per one seat will be charged.
Following the payment, the QR Code will be sent to the email address you used for the reservation.
Q Can tickets be refunded?
APlease be reminded that the purchased tickets are non-refundable or cannot be exchanged.
Q About various services
ATokyo International Film Festival tickets are not eligible for Cinemileage (TOHO CINEMAS mileage) or for parking services or Ladies Day at any of the venues.
About Film Entry submissions to the Tokyo International Film Festival
Q How can I submit the film to Tokyo International Film Festival.
AMany directors who are currently flourishing in the frontline of film industries have once participated as a first-time director in Tokyo International Film Festival. We have also screened numerous newly made films with premiere status by expert film directors with expeiriences. Submissions of numerous domestic and foreign films will be held this year too.

The applicants of the Tokyo International Film Festival will compete for the Tokyo Grand Prix with the films of the world in the Competion Section. The Asian Future will select one film from films by young directors who have directed no more than three feature films to receive the "Best Asian Future Film Award". Japanese Cinema Splash introduces Japanese films which holds high aspirations for global progress.
The submission for Film Festival will be accepted through official website during mid-April to mid-July each year.

Click here for 2018 Terms and Conditions
Q About Documentary submission for entry
ADocumentary films are not eligible for Competition section.
Documentary films are eligible for Asian Future section and Japanese Cinema Splash.

Click here for 2018 Terms and Conditions
Q About short films submission for entry
AOnly films longer than 60 min. is eligibale for the entry of Competition section.
Short films are eligible for Asian Future section and Japanese Cinema Splash.

Click here for 2018 Terms and Conditions
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    All emails will be replied on weekdays 10:00am to 6:00pm (except holidays and year-end/new year).
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  3. All personal information (including email, address, name, telephone number) will be used only for the purpose of replying to inquiry, unless otherwise notified in advance.
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