2018.09.25 [Updates]
JAPAN Beauty Week at Tokyo Film Lounge (Hills café/space)

JAPAN Beauty Week
Japanese cosmetics, or J-beauty, are gaining attention both in Japan and abroad. Since 2013, Japanese government and the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association have been holding the “JAPAN Beauty Week” to boost the appeal of Japanese cosmetics around the world. This year, it will be hosted in Japan for the first time. Three cosmetic companies will join the event to showcase J-beauty at the Tokyo International Film Festival via the makeup of actresses on the red carpet and touch-ups. Try out Japan’s touted cosmetics at the “Tokyo Film Lounge (=Hills café/space)”! We hope this collaboration helps you discover J-beauty.

→ Tokyo Film Lounge (Hills café/space)
JAPAN Beauty Week
This autumn, SUQQU will launch “Extra Rich Glow Cream Foundation”, their richest foundation yet. Samples will be available to try at their special booth. Please try the radiance that develops over time, the rich moisture, and the beautiful translucent finish.
→ suqqu.com/en/

JAPAN Beauty Week
Brand SHISEIDO, available in 88 countries and regions around the world, is relaunching its makeup line this fall in a complete renewed form. The delicate, light textures like skincare is unique in SHISEIDO from Japan, with the clear, bold colors developed in New York. There are four types of formulations— GELS, DEWS, INKS and POWDERS, all of which offer beautiful, long lasting finishes in unique MODERN JAPAN themed packaging. Please experience them all!
→ shiseido.co.jp/gb

JAPAN Beauty Week
On the 1st of November, DECORTÉ will launch the “RED campaign” across the world with the gorgeous red colour symbolic of the holiday season. Ahead of the campaign, we will be distributing samples of DECORTÉ’s No.1 beauty serum “Moisture Liposome” and high functional lotion “Liposome Treatment Liquid”.
→ cosmedecorte.com/en-jp/

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